880 Eastern Avenue

Helping make the industrial edges of Leslieville greener and more livable.

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This project is located along a stretch of Eastern Avenue that dramatically divides residential Leslieville to the north and grittier industrial uses to the south. Its redevelopment presents an exciting opportunity to introduce a vibrant new point of transition between these two contrasting areas – and to help make them greener and more livable.

In 2020 we connected with over 40 people who live and/or work nearby and learned that they most cherish the diversity and inclusiveness of their neighbourhood. Our project enthusiastically seeks to enhance these local strengths by:

1) Seamlessly mixing a range of housing types
2) Integrating community-oriented commercial spaces
3) Providing ample opportunities for social connection

Our design was further guided by commitments to sustainable building practices, the health and quality of life of our future residents.

Location: Leslieville, Toronto, Canada
Status: Re-Zoning
Anticipated Construction Start: Fall 2022
Architect & Planner: SvN Architects and Planners
Landscape Architect: gh3*

  • 134,000 square ranging from three to 12 storeys
  • Approximately 97% residential and 3% non-residential gross floor area
  • 157 new homes including a mix of studios, one, two and three bedrooms
  • 197 bicycle and 121 vehicle parking spaces

What’s Next?

We expect the City of Toronto to host a public consultation meeting in the summer of 2021. We enthusiastically encourage you to take part and will be sure to promote it via this website and our social media channels once related logistics have been confirmed.

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