38 Walmer Road

Evolving an iconic community asset in the Annex.

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So much more than just buildings used for worship, many churches have long served their local communities as welcoming, expansive places where diverse groups of people can connect, learn, share and seek support.  

The Walmer Road Baptist Church has done exactly that since 1889. Today, it strands proud as a historic, architecturally significant landmark at the heart of the Annex – one of Toronto’s oldest and most iconic neighbourhoods. Its redevelopment presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to honour this rich history while boldly expanding its role and uses for today and tomorrow.   

And we could not be more excited to get started. We are collaborating closely with the church, its congregation, and local communities to shape design and programming plans. Early conversations have already started inspiring our initial ideas, which include building a new home for the Walmer Road Baptist Church, repurposing the existing sanctuary for community uses, and introducing a residential component. Since COVID-19 continues to impact our ability to gather, we are actively exploring creative ways to host collaborative project-related conversations in-person and/or online, and plan to facilitate related workshops later this year. 

We’ve partnered with PROCESS on a multi-year engagement plan. We are really looking forward to digging in, listening and learning about local community needs and aspirations – and integrating that thinking into project vision and design.  

We hope to collaborate and share ideas with partners from around the corner and across the globe. So if you have a suggestion, a question or just want to get involved – we want to hear from you. Please get in touch with us any time: info@38walmer.ca.

“In its beginnings, Walmer was characterized by openness—to different types of people, and to different ideas and projects.” 

– A Century for the City, Walmer Road Baptist Church 1889-1989 by Donald Goertz

Location: The Annex, Toronto, Canada 
Status: Rezoning 
Architect: Suulin Architects 
Key Stats: TBD during design phase