How We Do It & Impact

Greener, more inclusive and diverse communities are good for society and our bottom line.

We invest strategically to drive impact so more people benefit. The active contributions of a diverse range of collaborators catalyze our ability to deliver projects that enhance local strengths and potentials. It is possible to build more inclusive and livable cities if we do it together – so we take a people-centered approach, cultivate long-term relationships, encourage reciprocity, really listen and invite everyone to take part.

As entrepreneurs for the public good, we manage a best-in-class private equity platform based on the concept of multipurpose capital: impact that amplifies financial returns for our investors, and vice versa.

We use the Four Pillars of Sustainability™ to guide our mixed-use development projects:

We are committed to initiating and fostering a positive impact on the social fiber of our local and global communities.
We are committed to help develop the economic prosperity of the communities and neighbourhoods in which we work.
We respect nature with great regard and commit to developing projects that have minimized ecological footprints and help sustain our planet.
We recognize and support diverse forms of art and culture, based on our inherent commitments to innovative design.

From green buildings to active transportation, sharing value and affordable housing, we work closely with communities to understand their strengths and potential, push the boundaries, and partner with leading edge organizations to bring these to reality.

Examples of our impactful partnerships include:

  • We are working with the Toronto Public Library to build a new branch at the ground floor of our purpose-built rental project at 299 Campbell Avenue
  • At our 7 Labatt project, we are partnering with The Salvation Army to create a new space for their operations
  • We have provided space for 100s of artists and creatives inside our buildings in collaboration with below-market studio providers Akin Projects
  • While we work through the design and municipal approval stages at 2 Tecumseth Street, we have partnered with:
    • Just Be Woodsy who repurpose trees the city has cut down and turn them into furniture onsite, salvaging over one million KGs of CO2
    • The Bowery Project who have used and donated 100s of pounds of herbs and leafy greens grown in an onsite community garden
    • Alveole, an urban beekeeping project that harvests honey and hosts educational workshops for the public
    • The City of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2019, through a collection of immersive all-night art projects curated by Laine Hinton and Rui Pimeta of ArtSpin

And there is so much more to do.

We are currently refining our impact framework and will be continuing to find ground-breaking new projects and partnerships to drive our agenda. We acknowledge that we need to expand our engagement of a diversity of voices in the design and delivery of our projects – and commit to partnering with experts in this area to evolve our work along these lines moving forward.