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The site proposed for redevelopment is located on the northeast corner of Dupont Street and Ossington Avenue in Toronto’s Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson Junction neighbourhood (City of Toronto Ward 11).It is rectangular in shape and extends 2,400 square metres.

The site currently contains a three-and-a-half-storey former manufacturing building that includes 40 commercial units. An iconic fixture on the Dupont Street Corridor, the building was originally an industrial factory, at one time served as home to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and eventually housed a variety of creative uses. TAS took ownership in 2018, and immediately thereafter worked collaboratively with the City of Toronto and social service agencies to facilitate a smooth relocation process for a small group of tenants living there illegally. We then delivered building health/safety improvements and engaged commercial creative industry tenants including visual artists, photographers, musicians, makers and designers on a below-market short-term basis – notably including artist studio provider Akin Projects.


TAS is determined to honour and expand the creative energy and vibrant mix of uses historically housed at 888 Dupont Street through our redevelopment of this site. Excited by the opportunity, we have proposed a unique project that features live-work units and seeks to push the definition of mixed-use by integrating commercial and public uses from the street to the rooftop. Our proposal was further informed by:

Key Stats

  • 13-storeys
  • 60% (approximately 10,000 square feet) residential gross floor area
  • 40% (approximately 80,000 square feet) non-residential gross floor area
  • 99 live-work apartments, 13 of which will be affordable (80% of city-wide average market rent)
  • 80 bicycle parking spaces and 94 vehicle parking spaces



Design and Programming Highlights

A Vertical Main Street 

The proposal was designed to extend and encourage the vibrant energy, commercial activities and social gatherings found on a typical main street across all floors of the building. This project-defining ‘vertical street’ will blur the lines between public and private space. It will serve residents, tenants and the broader local community through varied space typologies including micro-retail, light-industrial, galleries,  a restaurant, outdoor pavilions, and urban agriculture. Unique publicly accessible features include extensive outdoor gardens, a café and terrace on level three, as well as a rooftop restaurant and large outdoor terrace boasting impressive views of the Toronto skyline. The best part? These public areas will all embrace universal design and accessibility.

Live-Work and Affordability

Inspired by the site’s history as a home for industry and creativity, we have designed 99 live-work units – a choice that feels particularly relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shift traditional approaches to office spaces and work/life balance. In direct response to the affordability challenges faced by Torontonians today, TAS has proposed that 13 of these units be affordable rentals (80% of city-wide average market rent). The operational details of this affordable component are currently under consideration and will be confirmed during the development application process.

Environmental Sustainability

Our proposal strives to achieve Toronto Green Standards v3 Tier 2 and encourages active transportation through reduced vehicular parking, robust infrastructure for cyclists and car-sharing.

Public Realm Improvements

This project presents a tremendous opportunity to improve the quality of the local public realm. The streetscapes, vehicular safety, pedestrian comfort and safety along Dupont and Ossington were all identified as greatly important to the local community during our consultation process. This feedback was incorporated into our proposal as follows:

  • The building is set back from the site’s southwest corner to improve intersection function, safety and pedestrian comfort
  • Sidewalks have been widened to improve pedestrian and vehicular experience
  • Second-floor cantilevers will provide weather protection to improve the pedestrian experience along sidewalks
  • Step backs have been incorporated for new tree plantings along the building’s western façade along Ossington
  • Access to underground parking garage and loading space will be provided from Ossington Street and screened from public view

Development Submission Documents

Additional information is available via:



Public Participation

TAS engages local communities early and thoughtfully to ensure we understand their strengths, potentials and aspirations – and can integrate these findings into our project designs.

In late 2019 we hosted focus group meetings with over 30 people and facilitated our own community conversations. In January 2020 we attended the City of Toronto led public consultation. The key findings from this process – including local gaps, opportunities and concerns – are represented visually in a User Perspective Map that can be accessed by clicking here. It’s extensive and exciting, be encouraged to check it out.

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