33 Hillcrest Avenue

Delivering economic, environmental and social impact at scale.

Welcome to TAS’s largest project to date. We intend to introduce between 1.5 million and 2 million square feet of mixed-use development at this 5.3-acre site immediately adjacent to the Cooksville GO Station. This significant scale and strategic location present an extraordinary opportunity to test and expand TAS’s mandate to drive positive economic, environmental and social impact.

We are in the early planning stages and beginning an extensive collaborative community-focused design process. A few intriguing concepts are already starting to emerge from our research. First of all, we see huge potential for this site to be an institutional and/or commercial employment hub. From an environmental perspective, we are committed to setting ambitious sustainability targets and expanding ecology through a landscape-first approach. We want to thoughtfully curate commercial offerings that provide all the services, amenities and leisure activities local residents will expect from the “last mile” of their journey home. Finally, we plan to test new governance, funding and partnership structures with a view to generating economic returns that can be reinvested in on-site programs and infrastructure benefitting the local community.

Location: Cooksville neighbourhood, Mississauga, Canada
Status: Planning
Estimated Construction Start: 2024
Architect: SvN Architects and Planners
Landscape Architect: wHY
Key Stats: TBD during design phase